Why you should buy an electric car?

  • The electric car is superior to the conventional car in terms of reliability and maintenance costs.
  • Charging costs are 4.5 times lower than the cost of Diesel fuel per 100 km
  • Zero emissions, zero fuel, which means everyone is a winner.
  • The state grants an eco-ticket worth about 10,000 euros (45,000 lei) in the case of full electric cars, or 4,000 euros (20,000 lei) in the case of the hybrid plug-in cars through Rabla-Plus program
  • AC charging stations can be easily installed, with high charging power and compatible with any electric vehicle.
  • The tax on electric cars or hybrids is almost zero.
  • You can recharge your car as you shop or go to the mall.
  • In some commercial areas or public institutions you have a dedicated car park and a station to charge your car.
  • The electric car is silent, making it more enjoyable for the road.
  • The number of electric cars is rising more and more.
  • The electric car has torque instantly, which is a faster acceleration.

Benefits for home use

  • Maintenance costs are minimal.
  • The thermal engine is much more complicated than the electric motor which is simpler and does not have as many components as a conventional engine.
  • It's not necessarily just to charge your car home. You can recharge your electric car while you're in the office or while shopping. These can only be two scenarios in which you use the time to charge the vehicle.
  • For electric cars, there is no tax to pay. Hybrid car tax is reduced by up to 95% of the whole price.

Benefits for business

Business fleet
Electric cars can be a viable choice for a company fleet. From a financial point of view, money will be saved that can be used for another purpose.

A potential customer may consider the availability of a charging station for the electric car when choosing an accommodation location or a dining place.

Any electric car owner will look for the commercial space where he can charge his car while relaxing or shopping. By doing so, the location can become more popular and will be the only choice for electric car users. With this method, you can create extra revenue if you want to charge a tax for using a station.

Find out how to get a station and how to charge your electric car very easily.

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